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Fish Tank Planner is an online application designed to help aquarists have healthy and successful fish tanks. The purpose of this application is to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when planning which fish to keep in your aquarium. Some of the things that fish tank planner can help you with are as follows:

  • Fish compatibility
    • Aggression: Generally aggressive fish can only be kept with other aggressive fish.
    • Gulp: The ability of a fish to eat smaller fishes.
    • Water: Fish Tank Planner will tell you the ideal water parameters for your tank.
    • Behaviors: Some fish are incompatible due to behavioral issues.
  • Fish quantities
    • Number of fish per gallon: Calculates the size of tank needed for tank
    • Number of fish per bottom area: Calculates the bottom area needed for tank.



What if a fish species that I am looking to add does not exist in the database?

We are still in the beta test phase and we are adding fish to the database daily. Once we are done adding all of the fish we have planned, we will begin adding user requested species. To request a species, please send us an email via our contact page.


How can I delete a fish tank I have created?

In order to avoid dead links, we do not allow for the deletion of fish tanks by users. Instead, you can remove yourself as the creator so it is no longer connected to you or your account. To remove a fish tank from your control, just click the red X next to the fish tank in your account page.


I accidentally deleted a fish tank - can I get it back?

Yes, to recover your removed fish tank, go to the accounts page and click the "Click here to restore a previously deleted fish tank" link.


How do I report a bug?

Send an email to us using our contact page. Please be as descriptive as possible with the problem you experienced.


Is profanity or vulgar language allowed on

We strive to keep a family friendly atmosphere here at so profanity or vulgar language is not allowed. We do not have profanity filters in place at this time but we will take precautions if the need arises. If you find profane or vulgar language being used in the titles of fish tanks please let us know.


How do I delete a fish from a tank?

When in the tank planning view, click on the red X to the right next to the fish you would like to delete.